Revealed a potent technique allied with remarkable control. His tone is consistently sweet throughout the instrument’s large compass, never forced...superlative.
ppppp– Boston Globe

Distinguished himself.
ppppp– Boston Globe

Beautiful artistry and melodic charm.
ppppp– Weekend Moscow (Russia)

Ravishing...a true artist.
ppppp– The Reader (London)

Literally knocked the audience off their feet with his beautiful virtuosity, expressivity, and attention to artistic detail.
ppppp– Kiev Music Journal (Ukraine)

Sheer poetry...tugged at the heartstrings.
ppppp– The Hindu (India)

Bright, clear, resonant sound...the superb control of a master craftsman.
ppppp– Saxophone Journal

The Heifetz of the saxophone.
ppppp– Moscow Music Week

Brought the music gorgeously to life.
ppppp– Boston Phoenix

Riffed away as if he was on West 52nd Street.
ppppp– Berkshire Eagle

Performed to perfection.
ppppp– Concord Journal

Captivating and versatile...fascinating listening.
ppppp– Warwick Beacon/Cranston Herald

J. Michael Leonard stood out for his lilting sax solo.
ppppp– Providence Journal-Bulletin

Saxophonist J. Michael Leonard displayed through his own great skill a richness and variety of tone.
ppppp– Groton Landmark

The piece took off with Mike Leonard’s two swinging sax solos, leaning into the snake-like tune as if to say, “Okay, let’s get cooking!”
ppppp– Providence Journal-Bulletin

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